CoreLogika brings important improvements and benefits to digital design in various combinations of​ less power consumption, higher speed (10 to 100 times), smaller footprint and less heat.

New and revolutionary approach to performance and enhanced capabilities of digital logic at less cost.

Patented Core Technology

Starting with a standard CMOS field-effect transistor, the shape of the internal structure is modified, and a new electrical signal path called an iPort is added. 

The resulting generalized structure is called a Complementary Current-Injection Field-Effect Transistor or CiFET.  The CiFET has been extensively analyzed, modeled and measured to produce a deep library of engineering knowledge for applying CiFETs to analog circuit design.  CoreLogika enables the CiFET to be applied to digital designs.

International Published Patent

Charge Transfer Logic (CTL) Using Complementary Current Field Effect Transistor Devices (CiFET) and/or Complementary Switched Current Field Effect Transistor Devices (CsiFET)

WO 2019/183174

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CoreLogika can be applied to virtually any digital design including:

  • Logic gates, flip flops, clock trees

  • High speed data buses, SRAM memory

  • CPUs & GPUs

Combined digital and analog functionality (0,1,”n”), n = graded logic

Conventional digital modes (0,1) plus “NO-Change” status where no current or voltage flows

Voltage steering logic, Current steering logic, combination

Tolerant to parametric variation

Wide temperature range beyond military specifications

Predictable heat generation over a wide range of frequencies

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